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To The Finals We Go!

Yesterday, we (Berks United) played Lancaster United in the semis. We won 5-0. Lancaster ended up with 2 red cards and a bunch of yellows. We had a red and a yellow. Playing Lancaster is always like that. They hack all the time and complain even more. One of our guys made a really stupid slide tackle (he has a habit of it) and got a red towards the end of the game. We were already up 3 or 4 to 0. Well, he won’t get to play in the finals now.

There was a second game yesterday, Manheim Township (the old Ephrata team), Played Evergreen. Surprisingly Evergreen pulled the upset! I think the final score was 4-1. It’s a bit of a shock. We all expected to see Manheim in the final. But, it looks like we’ll have a repeat of last year. A Berks United/Evergreen final!

The finals are next week at 2pm against Evergreen We use their field as our home field so the game will be at the Evergreen German country club fields.

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