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The Disgraceful: Berks United vs. Germania

Saturday we played Germania again. The way the schedule worked this year we play some of the teams twice, and because of this it turns out we ended up playing Germania two weeks in a row.

Germania isn’t very good. They didn’t have a team for the last couple of years so they are all basically new. They haven’t won a game and I don’t know if they have scored a goal yet. The first time we played them it was 5 or more to 0(I lost count). On Saturday we were pretty much destroying them 8-0 when things turned crazy…

The guy running the team is from Morocco and he has a friend Hakim who I think is also from there. He played with us last year and he managed to get at least a yellow card every game. He’s like a ticking time bomb waiting to blow. You never know when it will happen, but you can be certain he will explode. I mean he is so bad that even in pick up he always has something to say. He’s always arguing and complaining, and has a habit of yelling at his teammates. So, we were short players the last couple of games so the guy running the team called him up and asked him to play. The first game I think he got a yellow card. Plus, we had a free kick that I was going to take and he stepped in front of me and took kicked it right before I was going to. Then he said something rude to me. All I could do is shake my head.

This Saturday he was in rare form. In the first half he walked off the field because he thought no one was passing him the ball. Someone convinced him to stay and continue to play. I don’t know why.. So, then the second half he gets into it with one of the other players and elbows him in the face. He gets a yellow card and then continues to complain to the ref. One of our guys is injured so he was taking care of the subs. I kept telling him to sub Hakim. He then told me that he was hoping he would get a red so we won’t have to worry about him for the next game, since it is a big game.

Well, in the end he did. Something happened and Hakim was in front of the goal and got kicked. Next thing you know he and another guy are wrestling on the ground. I’m pretty sure Hakim grabbed him and pulled him down. Then apparently someone kicked him or elbowed him when he was on the ground. I was on the bench and my first instinct was to run out and break it up. Not sure why. I was thinking more about the team than Hakim, because I don’t even like the guy, but he is lucky I did run out because he would have gotten his butt kicked had I not. Anyway, the two get pulled apart and Hakim punches one of the other players in the head and blood splatters. I grab him and basically bear hug him (around both arms) and pick him up and carry him off to the side of the field. Meanwhile the other team is screaming at him. The ref gave him a red card and terminated the game. Then I pretty much pushed him to the other side of the field to the benches. The bloody idiot kept trying to turn around and go back. Plus, guys from the other team were running up screaming. So in order to not let anything else happen… not to protect Hakim. I was pushing them away. Then this one guy that was a real idiot during both games, number 8. He’s really a cheap dirty player. Starts yelling at me because I pushed him. He wanted to “square off” with me. I just shook my head at him.

Afterwards I was shaking hands with some of the guys on the other team and apologizing for the mess and I went to shake this guys hand and he said something and stepped way with his hands in the air. I just shook my head at him and turned away. Then he pushed me from behind and yelled “round two!”. I mean, come on… grow up…

The whole things was really a huge disgrace. After all, it’s only over 30 amateur soccer. Not the world cup. I do this as a stress relief, not for this… Last game the guy organizing the team started an argument at half-time within our team. If this keeps up, I might be looking for a new team pretty soon…

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