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Can You Pass The Third Grade?

Hmmm… the big geography question.

Can You Pass The Third Grade?


  1. Anonymous says

    i beat your quiz but the teacher in me feels the need to say why this quiz sucks:1. it does not test whether or not you know your u.s. geography, it tests how fast you can drag and drop state names across a map.2. the quiz seemed to get confused and had to be told two or three times that montana (for example) really does go where you are dropping the name3. if you lose, you are ridiculed. if you beat the time, you are ignored and sent back to the start screen. that’s all. back to spring break 😉

  2. haha, it was really just a joke. Actually I came across it when I was doing some other work, and the first time I was casually doing the quiz while I was still working. I got all 48/48 but it said I failed because the time was in the red. (I didn’t realize it was being timed.) It hadn’t run out, but was just in the red. Plus, you’re right I had a couple that Xed out because the cursor wasn’t on the state perfectly. Like DE and RI.. But, it was fun anyway… 😉

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