bryan coe digital marketing strategist

Is Customer Service a Dead Art?

I’ve been working on a project for a client where I’m correcting someone else’s errors and omissions. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate the work, but I’m amazed at the poor service that the other company has given my client.

The other company (we’ll call them MasterPortal) has a software package that can be integrated into websites. So, essentially a web portal running on their software for the back end. To create the web portal, MasterPortal slapped some aspx code together, crudely mashed it up with my clients current site and said their part was done. My client in turn asked me to make it look good and make it functional. By “functional”, I mean so it can be used the way I imagine MasterPortal said it could be.

Since, I’ve been working with it I found many problems including misspellings, code errors, css errors and generally sloppy design.

The point I’m trying to make here is; I just can’t imagine ever doing something like that. If I’m selling a product to someone I want it to look,feel, and act the way I promised. Sometimes I’m just amazed at how lazy people and companies can be. Plus, what further amazes me is how companies like MasterPortal stay in business.

Oh well, back to serving my client with the best service I can.