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Ugh, Boy did we stink tonight….

Wow! what a frustrating night. We lost 9-2.

On the positive side I scored both goals. 🙂 The the ball was passed to me right in front of the goal and I took the shot between the keeper and a defender. The second one of the other guys did all the work. The goalie tried to stop him and the ball rolled front of the goal and I just tapped it in.

I definitely made my share of mistakes too though. Towards the end we could have had another goal. We had a 3 on 2, but I held the ball way too long and lost it. Blah!

Red Rose League

We had another game tonight at Red Rose.
This is the first time I’m played over 30’s there. The game is very different because you can play off the walls. But, it is also very different because the refs are not real refs, and they don’t call anything. I had a break away tonight and some guy took me out from behind. Anywhere else it would have been a yellow card. I barely even got a call. Since they don’t call anything the game got really rough. We lost at least one player to injury too. And towards the end of the game our goalie got kicked in the face, and was bleeding. The guy reffing kept saying he definitely didn’t get kicked. Come one he was bleeding!

Anyway, we tied. We could have won but the other team scored in the last 30 seconds. It ended up to be 5-5. I had 3 goals though! So far we have lost 2 games and tied 1. The next game we should win at this rate!