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Is Cheaper Really Better?

There will always be someone that says they can do it cheaper. But the real question is, “Is cheaper really better?”  I would say more times than not, it is not. From a business sales perspective if you compete on price and strive to be the cheapest, you will end up with cheap clients. From a buying perspective, if all you care about is that you get something for the lowest price, you will end up with something that is worth low quality.

There will always be someone that will do it cheaper

To build a solid business,

compete on quality and service not price.

What is Leadership?

leadership is about influencing lives

Leadership is not about titles,
positions or flowcharts.
It is about one life
influencing another.

~John C. Maxwell


The Entrepreneur’s Mantra – Never Give Up!

entrepreneurs mantraNo matter how you feel… Get up, dress up, show up and never give up!

Educate yourself as an entrepreneur

There is an ever growing ideal in business and higher education. “Collaboration and open source” The internet is helping drive this by making it easier to share and access info. A great example of this is Stanford’s “Educators Corner”. What they’ve done is open their doors for to the general public and are offering many, many videos from lectures that were given at Stanford. Plus, they free! So check it out and see what some of the world’s best are learning at Stanford.