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What Digital Platforms do Teens and Young Millennials Use?

teen and young millennials digital platform usage

Is you're target audience teens or young millennials? Do you know where they hangout online? BI Intelligence did a study to find out. You might be surprised with the results. According to the graph below Facebook is on the decline with Twitter and … [Continue reading]

Is Google Analytics Finally Removing Event Spam?

When I went to the events section one of my client's Google Analytics. I received the following notification. This report has been filtered to include only data where there are values for "Event Label" dimension." Does this mean they are … [Continue reading]

Digital Marketing Changes in 2016 [Infographic]

predictions for digital marketing in 2016

Here are some very interesting predictions to what the digital marketing landscape will look like in 2016, according to the following Signal infographic. One of the biggest trends that will continue in 2016 is the use of data. Data will drive … [Continue reading]

Speak More Than One Language? Then You Can Relate To This

forgot work in this language

This is for all the bi-lingual and multi-lingual people out there. I'm sure you've had this problem. Haha! … [Continue reading]

How Do I Prove My Marketing Value? What Should I Measure?

diagram for tracking ROI

These days when it comes to Digital Marketing we pretty much have the ability to measure anything we want. The bigger challenge is deciding is what really matters. I often here the questions. How do I prove my marketing value? How do I calculate … [Continue reading]

Should I Wear a Halloween Costume to Work?

A little afternoon fun to get you in the mood for Halloween. Does your company celebrate Halloween? Do you plan to wear a costume to work? Here are some tips for dos and don'ts for corporate costumes.   … [Continue reading]

Simple Tips to Make Your Email Marketing Rock

simple tips to create memorable emails that rock

As much as many people want to say, "email is dead," they are simply wrong. Email marketing is still a great way to engage your audience, let them know about your great offers and nurture them to become a raving fan that helps you market to their … [Continue reading]

Should You Stop Selling SEO Services? This Guy Thinks So

the evolution of seo from cavemen to today

I came across this post today and I really believe it is something everyone read. Ryan really nailed it! My core in digital marketing came out of SEO and you may know as the Digital Marketing Strategist, it is something that falls on my shoulders … [Continue reading]

Should I tweak my titles and descriptions to improve my CTR?

matt cutts - Should I tweak my titles and descriptions to improve my CTR

A little advice from Matt Cutts to help you get through your Friday afternoon doldrums. Question: Should I tweak my titles and descriptions to improve my clickthrough rate (CTR)? Answer: Watch the video to find out ;)   I … [Continue reading]

This is How Self-Driving Cars Would Work

Yikes! Imagine all the laundromat bills! If we all had self-driving cars... This is how self-driving cars would work at an intersection. — oliver binkhorst (@obinkhorst) July 23, 2015 … [Continue reading]