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Google’s Year in Search 2017

sundar pichai google

How did you search this year?  View the trending list for 2017.   … [Continue reading]

Why Conversion Attribution Modeling is Important – Who Gets the Credit?

“First click attribution is akin to giving my first girlfriend 100% of the credit for me marrying my wife.” ~A. Kaushik Many analytics reporting platforms use First touch as their default for conversion attribution.  Like the above quote says, … [Continue reading]

Why You Always Need Editors #HomeDepot

home depot SEO - bad meta description

As SEOs we often look at a lot of website pages. It can sometimes be monotonous to write meta-descriptions, titles, H1 copy and other SEO bits that go into a site. But it’s always a good idea to have an editor (or at least a second set of eyes) no … [Continue reading]

If You Can’t Measure IT, Should You Do IT?

analyitcs graph - if you can't measure it don't do it.

In this world of all things digital if you can't measure it you probably shouldn't do it. In the marketing world of yesteryear TV, Radio, billboard advertisers sold ads on hunches, beliefs and maybe correlation at best. We believe 1,000 people drive … [Continue reading]

Of Course I Can Track That, But So What?

of course I can track that, but so what?

As analytics experts, this is the question we have to ask ourselves every time we work on reporting. With today’s tools we can track just about anything you can think of, but the real question is SO WHAT? You have to ask yourself, “Why is this … [Continue reading]

Designing Happiness

happiness is what you design for the future

What are you designing?!?   "Happiness isn't something you postpone for the future, it is something you design for the present" -Jim Rohn … [Continue reading]

Sometimes Google is Smarter Than You Think

sundar pichai google

I learned something new today that made me realize Google is sometimes smarter than you think and yet still pretty dumb. Since starting at Armstrong Floooring, I've been working on the SEO for our new international website. International SEO can … [Continue reading]

The 52nd US State – Wuh What?

52nd US State. What?!?

So I was running a report today to see the traffic to our site per US state. Adobe Analytics returned 52 states. Of course I thought that was odd. Digging a little deeper I realized they were counting DC as a state. Ok I get that, but check out what … [Continue reading]

The Power of Social Media for Job Seekers

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Thank You! This is a follow up to my post about a month and a half ago when I lost my job. I just want to say thank you to everyone that responded and reached out to me via social media and directly. It was a combination of people looking to hire … [Continue reading]

Digital Marketing Plans – Be Prepared!

your digital marketing plan with obstacles

One the most important things you need to be able to do if you work in digital marketing is adapt. It's paramount to create a strategy and plan for how you will accomplish your goals. Whether you want to increase revenue, reignite your client base … [Continue reading]